1. we hate you because you are nothing but a dick head that puts on a fake mask on camera like you care for your snakes and other reptiles, you don't deserve your fan base, money, or reptiles

  2. Hi Brian im such a big fan of your channel 😀

    I have wanted to meet you in real life but I live in the philippines so…Yeah 🙁

    Anyways that snake is…HUGE!!!

    This is a great video and it is also entertaining 😀

  3. Perhaps your podcasts could be more orientated to a "Reptile 101", including the entire historical backgrounds of each of the ball python morphs and attempt to make understandable the particularly complicated vocabulary to describe the colours. Also, Brian, you have an incredible professional CV involved with reptiles… I think it would be awesome to highlight some of the eye-opening experiences, projects, etc that you've been involved with. Your vlog channel is "enough" of fun and general info… a podcast, for me, would take us to a new and deeper level. Just some ideas. I love your channel.

  4. Brian while you have people in doing the new reptarium why don’t you get them to fix Lucy’s waterfall because she loves the water and she may shed better. It’s been broken for like a year

  5. First off : Every one who posts a lot on the Internet has been attacked by trolls at one point. Who cares about what they say. Do you know them? Then why should their opinion matter.
    I have a question. Do you have any mammals? I was thinking that Bats would pair nicely with your reptiles. Or if you wanted to support some one who works with them, then check out; https://www.facebook.com/batzillathebat/ or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChalKOKFNdPgcheruAamx6Q

  6. You support spider ball pythons, of course I don't like you 🙂 as long as your big snakes r cared for properly which in the past you've purposely (with the choice of not having too) pretty much abused your big snakes, but as for cages as long as the snake is comfortable its fine.

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